Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Turn Him Off

With some justice, many people criticize Pres.-Elect Obama's judgment in selecting Rick Warren, a conservative pastor, to do the invocation at the inaugural. Mr. Warren--while asserting his love for gays, lesbians and transgender people--denies their right to marry. He also denies evolution, and denounces embryonic stem cell research.

Still, Mr. Obama is not going to withdraw the invite, partly because their quite different views they are good friends. What's a progressive to do? Boycott the Inauguration? Bull. I've waited more than 40 years for this, maybe my entire political life.

Just Warren off. When it's his turn to speak act like he is one of those annoying commercials and turn off the sound-press mute. Go to the john, or get another brew or a sandwich. When he's finished--someone else is on the stage--turn the sound back on.

See, its easy. No sense having an M.I. or a stroke. And tell your friends to Just Turn Him Off.