Monday, July 04, 2005

Winning and Losing Teams

Winning teams have it and losing teams do not.
It’s the belief that “we are damned good and we deserve to win.

Winning coaches know what their people are thinking on that subject, because they talk
daily with their players during the season.
They don’t stay in isolated offices, afraid of what their people are
thinking, or not giving a damn.

“Whip ‘em harder, they’ll work harder” is the biggest losing barnyard waste ever thought
up by a deadhead boss. It is almost
certain to create losing attitudes, the beliefs that “We aren’t all that good,
or the bosses wouldn’t always be kicking our butts, and we deserve to lose.”

Bosses that are out there with the team, and leading by doing, will having winning teams. The rest will lead their companies to disaster. [First published 7/4/05]